Community Services

Directot Community Services Mr. BCX Dladla

Director Community Services: Mr. BCX Dladla 
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Tell: 0344131223


The municipality does not have municipal police but it does have a Community Services Department. The department does participate in community programmes together with the South African Police Service (SAPS) and Department of Community Safety and liaison. Community Services is engaged in realising the provision of community services as enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996, with specific reference section 152 of chapter 7. The Directorate is also ensuring the protection of environment and animals.


  • Emergency and disaster management services
  • Motor licensing bureau
  • Traffic and protection services
  • Arts and culture
  • Social services


  • To provide licensing services
  • To promote traffic , safety and protection services and enforcement of council by-laws
  • To Provide Emergency and Disaster management services
  • To Provide social services
  • Promotion of Arts, Culture and Sports

The Community Services Department is responsible for the provision of services to uPhongolo Municipality’s communities, visitors and tourists.

This is done as an integrated and co-ordinated effort with other State organs, within the Constitutional and Local Government legislative framework.

 The Community Services Department consists of the following sections:


Libraries are a role player in the upliftment of the education level in the community. Recently libraries became part of the information centers. Computers are now familiar systems in the libraries. Libraries are one of the only services that render a free service to all. All levels of the community are targeted Reading is important to all in the community. Even if you are only using a computer, there was a time that you was reading a book to be able to use the new technology e.g. internet


The Environmental & Waste Management Directorate is a service delivery Directorate that receives its core mandate from Section 24 of the Constitution of South Africa and is mandated to ensure a safe environment, which is not detrimental to human health for all within uPhongolo.


  • Create an environment that is safe and not harmful to health of the community;
  • Enhance environmental awareness education and encourage public involvement;
  • Create a sustainable culture in the handling, collection, transportation, disposal and management of waste;
  • Reduce impact on climate change through developing and implementing a climate change strategy for the municipality, aligned to the national strategy;
  • Create a sustainable recycling and reuse culture within the municipality;


The Traffic Section is mainly focusing to promote road safety and education. The section manages to conduct major roadblocks in conjunction with the SAPS and KZN provincial Traffic Control.


  • To increase traffic personnel
  • Acquisition of requisite vehicles
  • Provision of facilities for proper control of informal traders
  • Implementation of controlled parking system


The municipality established Security Section with the intention to protect and save guard Municipal assets and property and enforcement of municipal by-laws, Governance, and Public Participation Strategies and Sector Plan Status.


The municipality does not have museums, galleries and zoos. However it does have libraries, community facilities like halls, sport facilities and Belgrade Thusong Centre.

The municipality has seven community halls and they are used for different purposes. Some of the usages of the halls include weddings, church services, community meetings and social gatherings.