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Director: Mr MVM Mbatha

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The Town Planning Section includes town planning as such, the control over signage, management of the Geographic Information System (GIS) and spatial planning (SDF).

The function of the section is to regulate land use in terms of all legislation relevant to land use. The daily administration of the section includes applications for land use changes, departures, rezoning, and removal of restrictions, subdivisions, consent uses as well as the administration of current land uses. Furthermore, the section is also responsible for the administration of the Spatial Development Framework as spatial planning tool in terms of the Integrated Development Plan (IDP), from involvement of compilation thereof to amendments/updating and implementation of identified projects. The administration of signage/adverts in the municipal area is also dealt with by this section. This includes the urban areas as well as along the rural roads. The section also is responsible for the GIS, developing it and structuring it, reflecting all salient information such as erf numbers, size, services infrastructure, etc.




The property management section is tasked with looking after municipal properties and it making ensuring that municipal buildings are being maintained and the value being preserved. The section also ensures that all non-residential municipal properties occupied and leased by other parties are compliant in terms of the relevant legislation and lease agreements entered into with the municipality.

  • Ensuring that all municipal properties that are leased by both private and public entities have the necessary leases in place;
  • Ensuring that revenue from the leased properties is collected according to the stipulations in these leases;
  • Ensuring that all properties of the municipality are maintained and kept in good clean condition;
  • Ensuring that staff staying in these properties have the required agreements and are meeting all their obligations in respect of these;
  • Ensuring that municipal land is recorded appropriately and that regular land audits are done to update the data base;




The local economic development section is tasked with facilitation of economic opportunity within the uPhongolo Municipality area, and covers a range of interventions.

On an individual level the section identifies, develops and maintains suitable trading sites for informal trading, as well as the supervision and licensing of the traders. It also identifies small-scale initiatives for job creation within the community, as well as looking at municipal properties with the potential for business development and manages the processes needed to activate them.

It also functions as a point of contact for potential investors into the uPhongolo Municipal area, as well as conceiving suitable local projects to take to the investment community.




The Building Control section is mainly responsible for the enforcement of statutory provisions regulating buildings. It also ensures that the relevant legislation and other applicable standards are complied with.